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  • Develop technologies to help towards eliminating the need for fossil diesel imports in either region, improving the security of energy supply.
  • Advance the art in the production of diesel miscible biofuels (DMBs) from organic wastes and residues.
  • Optimise the yields of the diesel miscible biofuels produced from the biorefining of biomass and wastes.
  • Improve the energy balance and the total biofuel yields possible from a feedstock by sustainably utilising the residues in pyrolysis processes to produce bio-oil that will be upgraded to DMBs.
  • Reduce the energy and chemical costs involved in producing of diesel miscible biofuels.
  • Select key biomass feedstocks for conversion to diesel miscible biofuels, analyse these, and develop rapid analytical methods that can be used in an online process.
  • Analyse the DMBs produced for their compliance to EN590 requirements and, if non-compliant, suggest means to achieve compliance.
DIBANET will enhance co-operation between the EU and Latin America in biofuels by:
  • Developing a tightly-integrated online network of key players in the EU and Latin America
  • Organising public meetings between key stakeholders from both regions.
  • Training PhD and post-doctoral researchers from the opposite region.
  • Develop an inter-regional Technology Transfer Business Plan for the most effective exploitation of the DIBANET technologies. This will consider the combined needs of the EU and Latin America and the potential for trade.