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  • Technologies to help reduce the need for fossil diesel imports in the EU and Latin America, improving the security of energy supply.
  • A Database for key biomass feedstocks for conversion to diesel miscible biofuels.
  • Rapid analytical methods that can be used in an online process to analysis biomass and waste feedstocks.
  • Optimised sustainable Diesel miscible biofuels (DMBs) produced from organic wastes and residues that are compliant with EN590 requirements.
  • Optimised biochars for soil amendment to increase biomass yield and sequester carbon.
  • Enhanced co-operation and a tightly-integrated online network of key players in the EU and Latin America in the production of biofuels.
  • Trained PhD and post-doctoral researchers from the EU and Latin America.
  • An inter-regional Technology Transfer Business Plan for the most effective exploitation of the DIBANET technologies.