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DIBANET Networking Day

Monday, December 13th 2010, 13:30-18:00
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The DIBANET research consortium presented "Diesel fuels from wastes, residues and non-food crops of Latin America & Europe" at the DIBANET Networking Day that was held on December 13th 2010 at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Networking day brought together key players in scientific communities and industry to discuss how Europe and Latin America can work together to produce diesel fuels sustainably and cheaply.
Presentations were made and discussions took place on new methods for the sustainable production of diesel fuels from wastes and residues. Speakers included DIBANET partners from Europe and Latin America.

Topics covered included:
  • Latin American and European feedstocks for diesel fuel production
  • Technologies for sustainable diesel fuel production and their products
  • Catalysis in diesel fuel production
  • Newly developed analytical techniques for online feedstock characterisation
An overview of the programme is available below: Chet Culver, Governor of Iowa and representative of the Governors Biofuel Coalition in the United States, presented at the DIBANET Networking Day, where he outlined Iowa’s activities in the renewable energy sector. Petrobras, the fourth largest energy company in the world, also attended and were keen to learn about technologies being developed by DIBANET.

The Networking day was combined with a Poster session to present the current DIBANET achievements. You can find further photos from the event and from the poster session HERE