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The work programme for DIBANET is broken down into six Work Packages (WP): one consortium management, four technical RTD, and one dissemination and exploitation.

WP1 - Management - Lead by University of Limerick to ensure the project keeps to the objectives.

WP2 - Feedstocks for Diesel Miscible Biofuel Production
DIBANET will select the most appropriate feedstocks for analysis and processing. There will be a focus on cost effective, sustainable biomass, predominately wastes, that are most suitable for WP2. These feedstocks will be analysed in detail and spectroscopic tools used to develop rapid means of analysis that will reduce analytical costs and times and facilitate the transfer to an online system in Brazil. The transfer of the lab data will allow state-of-the-art real time biomass component predictions.

WP3 - Biorefining Reactor and Process Development
This WP targets an increase in the yield of diesel miscible biofuel from the biorefining of biomass (selected in WP2), in a state-of-the-art lab-unit reactor system. Reactor engineering and kinetic modelling will be employed to achieve the objectives as will advanced mechanisms such as the use of catalysts as a pre-treatment step.

WP4 - DMBs via the Pyrolysis and Upgrading of Biorefining Residues
This WP will use the solid residual material from WP3 as a feedstock for pyrolytic processing in order to produce a bio-oil that can be upgraded to a DMB. The solid biochar residues from pyrolysis will be characterised and tests carried out as to their suitability in soil amendment to increase biomass yield and for carbon sequestration.

WP5 - Assessment of DMBs and Their Potential
This involves the analysis of the DMBs produced in WPs 3 and 4. It combines this with the work from the WPs 2-4 to consider the design and implementation of a facility utilising all technologies and/or various combinations of these. It looks for the optimum configuration of the DIBANET Process Chain for various feedstock scenarios and policy/economic climates so that the most effective sustainable strategy for the EU and Latin America, and the DIBANET industrial partners, can be sought.

WP6 - Dissemination - This WP considers how the research and impacts of the work can be dissemination and exploited to maximum effect and how co-operation can be further enhanced.