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Report on Optimal Use of DIBANET Feedstocks and Technologies.pdf pdf

Participatory workshop for Biomass pdf

Report on the Propeties of Pyrolysis Residues Produced and their Utility as Biochars pdf

Market study pdf

Process for BioOil treatment and Gas production pdf

Report on the Most Suitable Technology for DMB Production from Bio-Oil and Syngas pdf

EU-LA Co-op Day in Thessaloniki pdf

Report with Analysis of DMBs produced (2012) pdf

Review of Biomass Feedstocks and Guidelines of Best Practice
Short Version (2012) pdf
Full Version (2012) pdf

Report with an Optimized Catalytic Pyrolysis and Gasification Process Scheme (2012) pdf

Report with Catalyst evaluation results (2012) pdf

DIBANET E-Learning Course descriptions (pdf)

DIBANET workshop for Biomass Sampling and Analysis
University of Limerick, Ireland, 9-17 December 2009


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DIBANET Networking event
Thessaloniki, Greece
31 October 2012

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DIBANET Summer school
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13-16 December 2010
DIBANET Networking event
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
13 December 2010